Pay per click advertising is a great way to see an immediate ROI from targeted, strategically implemented campaigns.  The most well-known and, arguably, effective platform is Google AdWords.  Here are 5 tools you can find in AdWords to increase your ROI:

- Insertion ads. Try testing out two types of insertion ads within AdWords to see a higher click through rate.  Keyword insertion ads allow the headline of your ad to change to the exact keyword the searcher used, if you are bidding on it.  Countdown ads allow you to choose a date to countdown to; the number of days away the event is displays in the ad.  Both of these have shown great increases in click through rate because of the way they engage with users. Below is an example of a countdown ad from Search Engine Land:

- Negative keywords.  AdWords does a great job of letting you choose what keywords to bid on.  They even let you select keywords that you absolutely do not want to show up for, called negative keywords.  Adding a list of negative keywords can improve your ROI by making sure you aren't spending your ad budget on irrelevant keywords.  Negative keywords are best used in conjunction with less restrictive match types like broad and broad match modifier.  

- Enhanced CPC bidding.  A feature that allows for a higher bid in times where a conversion is more likely, enhanced cost per click bidding is a bidding choice you can select if you participate in CPC bidding already.  AdWords will decide when a conversion is likely based on the searcher's information, keyword, and more and will bid a percentage more to make sure an AdWords user with Enhanced CPC has more visibility.  Enhanced CPC use will not go over your set daily budget and thus maximizes your ROI by making the most use of your ad spend.   

- Bid adjustments.  To accurately use bid adjustments you will need access to information about your most valuable users; Google Analytics is the best place to get this.  Adjust your bid based on factors like location, device, and time of day to really maximize the budget you have daily within AdWords.  For example, if you know most of your conversions happen between 8PM and midnight, set an adjustment that will allow you to bid more during those times.  You can also set a bid adjustment based on location if you know users in a certain area are more likely to convert.  Using bid adjustments allow you to get the farthest reach of your daily budget, and can be a good place to turn instead of simply adding more money to the account.

- Budget sharing.  This newer feature in AdWords enables many campaigns to share one budget.  Using this can ensure that when one campaign runs out of budget, it can begin pulling from a slower performing campaign.  Although this might not be the best feature to take care of in a search campaign, sharing a budget between multiple remarketing campaigns can keep your spend low but brand exposure high.  Find the budget sharing feature by going to Shared Library --> Budgets in your Campaigns tab.

Interested in having these AdWords strategies applied or starting your own Pay Per Click advertising? Contact Visual Data Systems today!  We are a Google Partner, and every client in our Pay Per Click services gets a dedicated account representative.