The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio are upon us and the whole world is watching top athletes in each sport competing to win a medal.  This is the perfect time to assess your marketing plan against your competitors to make sure you’re coming away with the gold.  


Local Search Marketing: Google’s local pack, which transitioned from offering 7 local businesses to just 3 this year, is an extremely important source of organic traffic to your site.  With only 3 spots available at a time, it’s important to monitor which competitors show in the local pack consistently.  If you see a competitor outranking you, reviewing their details might reveal why.  Do they have more positive reviews than you? Is their description optimized with important keywords? Are they posting updates on their Google My Business page? Analyzing what your competitor does well is a great place to start looking for holes in your own local search marketing.

Search Engine Optimization: Ranking well in the organic results is directly affected by the state of your search engine optimization, or SEO.  You can evaluate some details of your competitor’s SEO, including their 3 most important elements: title tags, meta descriptions, and h1 headers.  Noting what keywords your competitors seem to focus on can give you insight into keywords that might also be applicable to you.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Have you seen your competitor in the top position on Google, even above the local map results? They are probably paying to advertise their website there.  Google offers 4 spots above the map for you to list your website: all you have to do is pay for every click.  There are even tools out there like that can help you determine what you competitor is spending so that you can can match their spend.  Pay-per-click advertising (also available on the Yahoo/Bing network) is the only way to guarantee a top position in the search results, depending on your spend.  


Email Marketing: If you aren’t using email marketing to land in your guests’ inboxes by now, you should be.  Odds are your competitors are emailing them and creating a strong brand awareness by doing so.  Want to find out?  Sign up to receive your competitors’ emails for yourself.  You can see what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong, get ideas for content, and even see if they’re offering price drops and discounts.  Email marketing is a no-brainer and offers one of the industry’s highest ROIs!

Social Media: Your competitors’ social presence is one of the easiest channels to monitor.  Follow your competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and any other sources they may be using. (You can usually find their profiles from their social media icons on their website.)  This is a great way to keep an eye on what content they’re producing as well as what your guests and potential guests are engaging with.  It is important to check in with competitor social media profiles periodically, at least once a quarter, to keep your own social media presence in check.

Visual Data Systems can help you find gold in your marketing efforts, as well as help you identify areas of improvement.  Contact us today to get started!