Visual Data Systems recently held our annual summer meeting at the beautiful and historic Belmont Conference Center in Elkridge, MD. While most of us work together in the Columbia, MD office, it's one of the few times of the year when we bring everyone together including the folks in the NC office as well as staff from SC, NY/NJ and TX! In addition to hiring exceptional new talent this year in Project Management, Online Marketing, Sales and Design, several employees are celebrating over 10 years with VDS, and as for the founder, Paul, it's been his longest gig at any one company as well.

It was good to get together at the end of our fiscal year and review promising indicators as we and our clients start to feel the tugs of a slowly improving albeit still struggling economy. Thankfully people seem to still go on vacation, and we've worked along with our vacation rental clients on accommodating their visitors' varying needs in order to find a vacation to fit their desires. We have also further expanded into other industries where we are able to use our talents from that niche including the local DC/Baltimore area and in non-profit sectors.

With everything that has affected us from the outside, it's good to look around the meeting room and see strong teams determined to work together: from designers, programmers and project managers to online marketers, developers, sales people and consultants, we feel as creative and innovative as ever and ready to go to the next level. To help us along, we participated in a Strengths Development Seminar and explored ways to play to each of our strengths and manage around our weaknesses. Hence the arts and crafts part of our day.

We wouldn't be here without you who partner with us, and we are proud of the relationships we have developed over the years. We look forward to continuing doing what we love - developing beautiful, visible, user-friendly websites and partnering with new and existing clients for as long as we can.