Company: Sandbridge Realty
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Project: Website redesign
Visual Data Systems is excited to announce our newest redesigned website, Sandbridge Realty.  Sandbridge has been a client for many years, but this is their first redesign with the Visual Data Systems team.    

The new redesign really highlights the original Sandbridge Realty colors by incorporating them into the look and feel of the site.  The modern and clean logo and background bring a beachy feel while staying true to the Sandbridge brand.  The new site also features many upgrades that increase usability for the site's visitors.  For example, the new home page is clean and organized, allowing users to quickly find what they need when they land on the site.  Site visitors can quickly search for a rental by using the quick search or view only condos or pet friendly rentals.  
Sandbridge Realty's new site also takes a more interactive approach on their property pages.  The new pages feature large and beautiful images of the rentals, and provide the important information about the rental (how many beds, baths, etc.) up front.  Site users can easily add properties to their shopping cart when narrowing down their options.  Another new feature of the property pages is the Guest Review section which allows browsers to read honest reviews from previous tenants of the property.  
In addition to the new property pages, Sandbridge Realty now uses the Concierge module to provide guests with an interactive search for things to do in Virginia Beach.  Search based on activity category to view options of fun entertainment to experience when on vacation with Sandbridge.  
Sandbridge Realty has also partnered with Visual Data Systems to join Encore Email.  We look forward to managing their email marketing, while working with the client to produce SEO-friendly emails that will allow their email subscribers to receive messages tailored to those planning a Virginia Beach vacation.  
Please take a moment to visit our newest site redesign! Also, be sure to check out our design portfolio, to see more projects from the design team. 
Sandbridge Realty: thank you so much for your business and congratulations on your new site!