We know that for our vacation rental clients, summer is chaos.  Amid monitoring check-ins, maintaining great customer service for guests, and taking your own vacations, tackling social media is the last thing on your mind.  However, you’ve probably heard from your Online Marketing Consultant how important it is to keep up that social presence. 

We’ve compiled some of the best insider secrets from the SEO team at Visual Data Systems.  Check out our suggestions to keep your fans happy and your time dedicated to your guests! 

1.     Link your Facebook and your Twitter.  The most helpful way to minimize your posting time is to kill two birds with one stone.  By linking your Facebook and Twitter together, everything you post on Facebook becomes a tweet.  This means you’ll be equally active on Facebook and Twitter with one push of a button.  To do this, simply go to www.facebook.com/twitterThis article provides great step-by-step instructions!

2.     Find quality content with the “Use Facebook As” option.  Creating a unique post to use on Facebook every day can be exhausting.  Another option to post quality content is to share things others have posted.  To compile a place to find these resources, try the “Use Facebook As” option.   When you are logged in under any profile that has Admin access to your company Facebook page, find the drop down on the top navigation of the Facebook bar, and choose to use Facebook as the company page:

Use Facebook As Button

Once you have used Facebook as your company, search for and “like” local business pages that share frequent and relevant information.  The next time you go to your home page, your newsfeed will be filled with these status updates that you can then share straight to the business page timeline.  Tada!

3.   Learn how to schedule your Facebook posts.  Sometimes, creativity hits and you have to take advantage of the moment.  One way to do this is to schedule your Facebook posts so that it automatically takes care of the work of posting for you. 

To do this, go to your page as if you were making a normal post.  As soon as you have clicked within the status box to begin typing, 3 icons will appear beneath the status box: a clock, a pin, and a camera.  Choose the clock to begin the scheduling process.

Schedule Facebook Post

Once the clock has been chosen, you will see fields to choose both a time and date for your post to run.  Once you have created the post, hit the “Schedule” button to have it saved until its designated time.  Posts can be scheduled months in advance, so using this tool is a great way to take care of the week’s posts in one fell swoop.  Bonus, if you’ve linked your Facebook and Twitter already, you’ve just scheduled tweets as well!

All scheduled posts will be saved in a page’s Activity Log.  You can get to yours by adding /allactivity to the end of your Facebook URL.  For example: www.facebook.com/VDSYS/allactivity

4.   If these tips still aren’t saving you enough time, check out a social media management software.  Hootsuite is a favorite of Visual Data Systems, as it allows you to post to multiple social media accounts at once, schedule posts, and also provides insights and analytics on how the posts performed.  They offer free solutions as well as paid versions to suit the needs of every company. 

We hope these tips have helped to lighten the load of social media.  Feel free to contact Visual Data Systems with any questions about this article, or any of the services we provide.

Good luck and happy posting!