It’s no secret that Facebook advertising is a highly cost effective way to reach potential leads and market to your current customers.  Even Moz proclaims that every business should be spending at least $1 a day on Facebook ads. It’s rare to find paid advertising that will let you spend as little as $1 per day and still provide a great return.  

With daily use, Facebook gathers a great deal of information about its users. It knows if you’re living away from your hometown or if you’ve traveled within the last week.  As Facebook advertisers we have access to this demographic data and can use it to effectively target Facebook ads to the appropriate people.

When building a Facebook ads campaign you’ll first be asked to choose a campaign objective.  Once you’ve figured out what you want people to do after seeing your ad you will set up the audience you’ll market to. After choosing any locations, age, gender, and languages, Facebook will prompt you to choose based on “Detailed Targeting.” In this section you can include or exclude people who match at least once of the demographics, interests, or behaviors, you select.

There is a wealth of information in this section. Include people that fall into a certain generation or make a certain level of household income.  

You can even select parents with children of a certain age or people who are newly engaged.  

When you can get this detailed with who you show your ad to, it becomes easy to make the creative of your ad more specific and more marketable.  

For a vacation rental specific example, you could build an audience of people who are having an anniversary within 30 days.  Then, create ad copy and ad text around escaping on a last minute vacation to celebrate that anniversary.  

Send them to a landing page of romantic rentals available in the next 30 days and you’re golden.  

Have you found any demographic targeting in Facebook ads that’s worked well for you? Let us know in the comments.

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