Paying for traffic to your website can be a great way to tackle lead acquisition, stay competitive with local and third party competitors, and make revenue from bookings.  However, money wasted on ineffective pay-per-click advertising strategy is money you can’t get back, so we’ve put together a list of things you should be doing for part two of our Back to Basics series.  This is Back to Basics: PPC.  

  • Get familiar with and use new extension opportunities.  Both Google and Bing ads offer ad extensions: simple additions to the text of a search ad that can enhance the look and information provided.  Along with getting a couple extra lines to use your marketing language and boast about your company, using ad extensions is an extremely easy way to show Google and Bing you’re effectively handling your PPC efforts.  Put an ad with extensions enabled next to a basic ad and the ad with extensions will win every time and at a lower bid, most likely.  
  • Out-bid the OTAs.  OTAs (online travel agencies) like VRBO, Homeaway, and AirBnb must provide a small budget to their ad campaigns to remain in the ad space in every popular vacation destination.  In many cases, a healthy budget in your own PPC account can out-bid these OTAs and guarantee a higher position.  Since this is harder to do in organic results, outbidding with PPC is one of the only guaranteed methods to get ahead of these vacation rental giants.  
  • Bring your guests back.  Both Google and Bing ads offer versions of remarketing: a strategy to serve ads to people who have been to your website before.  With a little tweaking, these ads can be very effective to stay front-of-mind between when your guests first browse the site and when they decide to come back and make their booking.  Whether you choose to serve them image ads that show your logo and branding, or choose to remarket specific ads to a list of email addresses you’ve gathered, it’s a great tool to enhance an existing PPC strategy.

Visual Data Systems would be more than happy to help you improve a current paid account or to begin your paid strategy for the first time! Moreover, we are a Google Premier Partner and a Bing Ads Accredited agency, so we’re well-versed in using PPC to generate you some hard-earned ROI.  Get started here!