As a new year begins, there’s no better time to review your current marketing strategies and make sure you’ve got things squared away for 2017. Visual Data Systems will be releasing a three part blog series on exactly how to do this called Back to Basics.  This is part one- Back to Basics: SEO.  

  • Mobile-first user experience. In 2016 we saw the number of searches on a mobile phone overpass those on a desktop and there’s no doubt in our mind that trend will continue into 2017.  This means it’s more important than ever to not only make sure your site is mobile-friendly but also designed specifically for the mobile user; the easiest and most comprehensive way to make sure this is achieved is through a responsive site.  Entering 2017 without a responsive site? Start planning your redesign now.  

  • Answer the questions your vacationers are asking. Content has been king for both user experience and SEO.  For vacation rentals, some of the most helpful content you can produce is answering the questions your vacationers are asking.  Become the expert in your area from the moment they start their first search all the way to after check-out.  The added benefit of answering these questions with static pages or blog posts is that Google heavily values websites that continue to add relevant and quality content.  Not sure what content topics to focus on? Ask one of our marketing consultants today.  
  • Understand your data and results.  Part of a comprehensive SEO strategy is evaluating and understanding your results.  In 2017, it won’t be enough to simply log into Google Analytics and examine your traffic.  Because many other factors like paid search, email marketing, and brand loyalty affect how often and how well you appear in organic search, the reporting of your efforts should include these factors, and should be led by a team member who can analyze numerical data and translate that into actionable strategy.  Simply receiving automated reports from your current marketing team? Kickstart 2017 with an evolved marketing plan.  

Stay tuned for part two, Back to Basics: PPC, coming next week!