Bing Comes to Visual Data Systems!

                  At Visual Data Systems, we have had years of experience connecting our clients with potential vacation seekers using search engines. We have seen industry players come and go, search algorithms introduced, and SEO best practices altered to adapt to a changing technological environment. But one of the most impressive recent developments in the search engine industry has been the reemergence of Bing as a serious contender for search market share. On June 16, Visual Data Systems had the privilege of welcoming Danielle Newman, an account Executive from Bing, to our office in Columbia, MD to discuss Bing’s future, our performance as an agency, and other developments in online search.

                  Due to the historical dominance of Google in search engine market share, Bing has had to develop a strategy that focuses on differentiation, all while continuing to deliver high quality results for searchers. They have achieved this through fully integrating their engine into an ecosystem consisting of a number of different companies that provide quality data that improves search quality. Additionally, they have focused on their user base, finding unique and innovative ways to structure search results in order to improve accessibility, readability, and relevance. This focus has allowed them to slowly chip away at Google’s lead in market share.

What’s Next?

Here are a few facts and figures that prove that Bing is a serious contender:

  • After demonstrating great adoption rates, Windows 10 runs on over 300 million devices, with Microsoft having ambitions of reaching 1 billion devices by 2018. Bing search is now essentially integrated into the operating system itself and powers searches directly from a users’ desktop. This has done fantastic things for their market share.*
    • Bing has powered Yahoo search in the past, and as a combined entity, they account for 33% of current search market share. (Bing on its own controls 21.1% of market share).*
  • Bing has made strategic partnerships with companies like Yelp, Twitter, Foursquare & TripAdvisor to leverage data and information to improve the quality of search results and better match searchers with the information they are looking for.
  • By integrating into devices and powering searches for Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Kindle, Bing has been able to take on greater search volume to find new opportunities for growth and improvement. Additionally, they have been looking to scale other services like Bing maps through partnerships with Uber, and their Knowledge Graph by working with Android app developers.
  • Bing has also had a great interest in enhancing the quality of search results from voice based queries. By working with Cotrana, Siri, and Google Now, they have been identifying opportunities to enhance PPC results and better match users with their more conversational & long tailed voice queries.

While we were certainly impressed with the improvements Bing made to their Bing Ads platform earlier this year (see earlier blog post), the strides Bing have been making have really blown us away.

What can we do for you?

                  Visual Data Systems recognizes the importance of working with Bing to drive new, qualified traffic to your website. While Bing’s search experience and quality improve, they will certainly be taking on an enhanced volume of searches, and we have the search engine marketing strategies that will help you push that traffic towards your website to make bookings. Whether we’re leveraging ad extensions to provide searchers with immediately useful information, like services offered, phone number, locations, etc., or doing extensive keyword research to identify long tail opportunities, Bing is a great platform to enhance your online marketing performance. Additionally, we have found that Bing’s core demographics align perfectly with the traditional demographics of someone booking a vacation (skewing older, mostly female, with college education & slightly higher incomes). All things considered, there’s no doubt that the Bing Ads platform can generate some serious revenue for vacation rental companies.


If you’re interested in working with Visual Data Systems to enhance your search engine optimization or Bing Ads advertising strategy, contact us at, or give us a call at 410-964-8665.


P.S. - We’d like to thank Danielle for stopping by our office! It was really great meeting with you, and we look forward to working with you to find new strategies to enhance our clients’ search visibility and enhancing their ROI!


*Microsoft Internal Data, Dec 2015