This is the third in a series of blogs written by Robert Gray, Executive Vice President of VDS.

Keeping your brand and your value to vacationers does not end or pause once the client has booked with your company. For many vacationers there is the period between booking and arrival – this phase is what we refer to as the Planning or Anticipation phase.

During this phase, the vacationer in conjunction with other members of their party – are more than likely discussing what to actually do during their vacation. Such things as activities (beach, ski, golf, amusements, etc.); dining options; what to bring; when to pay and a myriad of other items that people plan when going on vacation. The amount of communication between large traveling parties that has to do with planning can be tremendous.

During this phase, it is important that your brand stay in front of the vacationer, as opposed to having them go to third party sites where they may run into information on your competitors, and you can do that by providing them with the tools and information they need to plan the plan the best possible vacation experience possible. By doing this you will not only help them enjoy the planning phase but build loyalty with your brand and remember loyalty is key when you take into account that finding a new vacationer next year will cost you 6 to 7 times more than keeping the current one loyal.

The Boomerang Platform gives your vacationers all the tools they need during this phase in order to increase your brand awareness and loyalty.

In the Boomerang Platform, the process starts with the ability for the planner or leaseholder to invite the entire traveling party into the booking phase and then the planning phase. The leaseholder simply invites the other members to join the vacation they have booked or they are planning (to view their saved shopping cart and even vote on properties within the cart). Once those members of the party invited, set up their account and login they can take part in the entire vacation.  

As an added bonus to the vacation rental manager, these new members are now part of your marketing list for the future. In the past, as an industry marketing was focused on getting the leaseholder to book again – now you can market to the whole traveling party. Imagine the possibilities when you can increase your list of past-satisfied customers increases exponentially.

Some of the tools that we have included in Boomerang (in a secure responsive design portal) to increase engagement with the traveling party and the leaseholder throughout the initial phases of the vacation (Shopping, Booking and Planning) are:

  • Vacationer Log-in and account set up
    • Saved Searches and Vacations
      • Vote on Properties in the Shopping Cart
    • Past Stay History
    • Vacation Planning Checklist
    • Drag and Drop Calendar & Itinerary Builder
    • Add Guests for Group Planning
    • Current events Module
    • Concierge Module
    • Secure Communications throughout the portal between guests and their fellow travelers as well as with the rental manager
    • iOS and Android Apps
    • Download custom coupons

For the rental manager, Boomerang offers:

  • Automated emails
    • Abandoned Shopping Cart
    • Property no longer available
    • Various customizable reminders
  • Manage members and communicate on a one-to-one basis or globally
  • Push notifications
  • Build customizable coupons
  • Optionally build a easy to manage rewards system

If you would like to engage your vacationers on a higher level then every before, please contact us to schedule a demo of Boomerang. Click Here for more information or call us at 410-964-8665.