Note: This is the second in an educational series of blogs by Robert Gray, VDS Executive Vice President.

Boomerang: Responsive and Integrated To Reach All Your Visitors

Let’s face it – while people have been saying it for years – the Internet is ubiquitous. What does that mean? It means it is everywhere and people expect to be able to not only have access to it wherever they go but also have the information they want on the device they are using at that moment. Right now for a majority of people that means on their phones, tablets, laptops and even on desktops for people who still use desktops. Tomorrow it will be on their refrigerators, cars, TV’s and other devices.

So, how do you give everyone the experience they are looking for in a vacation rental website no matter what device they are using? Recently, the answer was having up to three (3) separate websites that rendered depending the device being used. Today, the answer is Responsive Design. According to Google, the goal of Responsive Design is to build web pages that detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

VDS is proud to offer Responsive Design as the basis of our Boomerang Platform. Not only do we offer our clients a responsive design website but as part of the Boomerang Platform our exclusive guest vacation planning portal is also completely responsive. This will help you reach and keep visitors to your website no matter what device you use. We believe that with responsive design that your online bookings will increase from a variety of devices, as vacationers will be able to access all the information they need to book and plan their vacation on their phone, tablet or computer. 

Having the ability to reach all visitors on the device of their choice is vital to the conversion process and can be solved with a responsive design website.

While it is great for vacation rental managers to have responsive design – almost as important is a full integration of your rental management software into the website. This allows for real-time searches, results and bookings that reside on your website – the way consumers want it. 

Today’s consumers have been trained to expect immediate results and to purchase their vacation with the click of a few buttons. You do not want to frustrate your web visitors but having a framed in solution or worse sending them to another site for bookings (and that doesn’t count the numerous rental managers who still don’t take online bookings at all). You want to avoid any reason at all; a web visitor will visit a competitor’s site to book their next vacationer easier and more efficiently.

VDS has been integrating rental management software into websites for close to 20 years and our Boomerang Platform is no exception.  We use our experience and knowledge to give you the tools that vacationers expect in the booking process to get them from search to booking as soon as possible with the information they need in an easy to understand format. We have experience with all the major vendors of software for rental managers including Barefoot and HomeAway Software (Escapia, V12, PropertyPlus, Entech, and FRS). We can also work with any software company that provides an API (data feed).

If you would like to learn more about Boomerang and how it can help you achieve the next level of success in vacation rental, please visit our website or call us at 410-964-8665.