A letter written by Paul Hermanlast month, the Founder and CEO of Visual Data Systems announced a major milestone and teased the re-release of a popular product, GuestAdvantage TM, which is the first and only guest retention and loyalty program platform in the vacation rental community.
The news gets even more exciting!
The timing of this revamped program, which includes a loyalty component, could not be more critical to the success of vacation rental companies in light of the increasingly competitive marketplace in which there are a limited number of vacationers who have less vacation time and fewer hard-earned dollars to spend on a vacation. Needless to say, expectations for a great vacation experience are at an all-time high.
So why is loyalty so important?

Given that a good experience at every touch point with your guests drives loyalty up, while a bad experience at any touch point with your guests has the potential to drive loyalty down, the real benefit of a better guest experience translates into increased brand loyalty, repeat guests, and in return, a stronger bottom line.  Have you assessed and reevaluated your guests’ experiences based on their every interaction with your company lately? Have you done the same for your owners?
Communication is key!
How do you communicate with your guests? Do you have different communication strategies for past, present and future guests? Imagine using one platform for allowing guests to provide you with their communication preferences for frequency, timing and delivery method depending on where they were in their vacation planning, (e.g., 30 days out, 1 week out, en route, during or post-vacation). Imagine fostering two-way communications between you and your guests based on their saved searches, future vacation dates and property amenities. How about giving your guests the ability to message with other guests in their vacation group and even inviting other guests in their group into the decision-making process? Communicating with your guests at every touch point is key to developing brand awareness for your company and increasing guest loyalty, which is sure to set you apart from your competition.
Want to find out more? Stay updated as we roll out the features of the New GuestAdvantage TM.