Elliott Realty Website
Company: Elliott Realty
Location: North Myrtle Beach, SC
Project: Redesign
Features: New Modern Design, Winter Rental Search & Content Build, Easy Homepage Access to Frequently Requested Searches
"For the last 10 years, not sure the exact timeline, VDS has provided extraordinary service to our small business. VDS is a first class organization that focuses on the needs of its customers first and foremost. VDS offers custom software solutions for its clients and leads in providing responsive staff that works with the upmost professionalism.
VDS worked with us on a recent re-design of our website at www.northmyrtlebeachtravel.com and they took the time to work out all the details of this large project and worked tirelessly to satisfy our staff and give us what we wanted. Owners and Guest love the site and the SEO folks love the design and the ability to optimize it in the search engines. Thanks to VDS we can survive in the very competitive Vacation Rental Industry.
One of the favorite features is the new winter rentals booking engine that we launched.  It allows our guests to search for monthly rentals during the off season and view each property, along with the price and book the property online.  We are the first in the area to do this.
Both owners and guests have complemented us on this update saying that it's easier for the guests to search and the new design showcases their property better.  The guests have liked the larger photos and the ease of searching for the poplar amenities."
- Rick Elliott & Corrine Crickmore