Recent analysis of an enhanced email marketing initiative revealed startling results.  Through in depth strategic planning, we were able to produce record-breaking online revenue for one of our clients.  In just one quarter, revenue associated with their email campaigns exceeded that of the entire previous year.  


This case study documents how a change in approach and philosophy towards email marketing recently propelled one of our Encore Managed Email Marketing clients to new levels of success. The client is located in a South Carolina beach destination and manages several hundred vacation rentals. 

The Methodology

The client in question has been an Encore client since 2005. They have achieved good results through consistent mailing, but during in depth consultations with the client we were able to identify areas where we could increase revenue and subscriber engagement through an enhanced strategy. The client visited the Visual Data Systems office for a strategic planning session where we reviewed past efforts and explored all aspects of their business. From the information gathered in that meeting, we made recommendations to boost revenue in 2013.

The strategy we developed included:  
  • Micro-targeting - increased segmentation based on preferences and past behaviors.
  • Custom email templates with imagery that complements the content.
  • Increased frequency coupled with more highly relevant content. 

Beginning in January 2013, we took a broad approach to drive booking for the year. This is a peak month for vacation planning, so timing was critical. Past guests received a personalized message inviting them back to the beach. From there we narrowed the approach, honing in on spring booking by targeting past spring guests and those who expressed a preference for spring through the contact form. The remaining members of the database received another summer message that introduced them to the various types of available properties while providing area information that may not be well known. Subscribers interested in specials received an email regarding discounting for spring as we approached that season. We clearly communicated the value of their offer by quantifying the discount as well as the number of properties offering savings. In April, we returned to the broad approach with a message to all members. Featured properties were included. They have proven to generate a high click through rate, successfully driving a large amount of traffic to the website.


The engagement is still on-going, but the results generated during the first quarter are impressive. In just three months, we were able to exceed total 2012 revenue by over $360,000. By mid May, 2013 revenue totaled over $1.8 million – beating 2012 by more than $681,300. The average open rate was 27.1%, and the average click through rate was 10%. More than 35% of opens resulted in a click through to the website.

Online Email Marketing Revenue Q.1 2013 vs. 2012 and 2011

Encore Enhanced Managed Email Marketing Services

Since its inception, the goal of Encore Managed Email Marketing from Visual Data Systems has been to build relationships between our clients and their customers that result in a positive subscriber experience as well as a high number of conversions. Our certified email marketing consultants have taken this philosophy to the next level with Encore Enhanced. Strategic planning sessions, in-depth business analysis and aggressive strategy development have lead to new levels of success for clients who engage with our team.

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