One of the first things to ask when you embark on a loyalty marketing program is ‘who are you asking loyalty from and to whom to do I communicate my value to statement to?’

Loyalty for Vacationers

In too many cases, as in this picture, vacation rental managers concentrate on the leaseholder or the person who booked the vacation completely ignoring the other adults who have not only stayed in your vacation property, and hence are qualified future guests in their own right, but more than likely have some sort of influence over future vacation plans for (not only this traveling group) other vacations that involve different groups.


Our clients have professionally managed properties that range from accommodating two people to 20+.  More than likely, this means that if they are only marketing to the leaseholders they are missing out on so many more marketing opportunities from the other qualified adults in the group.   


We believe that in order to properly cultivate client loyalty, you should make every attempt to gather information on all guests that are of rental age, and get permission to market to them, because each vacationer (not each leaseholder) is where loyalty will be found.


In this graphic is an example of how you should perceive the same family of vacationers.  Each adult is seen as having some sort of value to your company and worthy of your marketing efforts.

Loyalty for Vacationers 2

For example, this year’s leaseholder is only the leader for 2014.  All that means is he is the one who went online and booked the reservation. Nothing more, nothing less.


Next to him, is his wife – she is the one who influenced his final decision on the property for this vacation. As you can see next year, there will be a new leader or leaseholder – how are you gaining his loyalty? You also have a person who by is the person most likely to go on social media and write a review and then the person who is the catalyst for this family vacation and finally the person who ultimately paid for the vacation.


As you can see, loyalty marketing needs to go beyond the leaseholder; you must expand your sphere of influence to market to all of your guests before, during and after their stay.