"As an email marketer attending Pubcon, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It turned out to be an incredible learning experience giving me insight into the world of search and social media.  From persona development and landing page optimization to A/B testing tips and ways to create engaging contests, the sessions I attended provided valuable information that is relevant to email marketing efforts.  Now more than ever, I recognize the importance of applying a holistic approach to your online marketing strategy.

Here are a few of the tips that I took away from my sessions: 
  • Are you testing?  Don’t make assumptions – Test to learn what works best for your audience.  When done properly, the results of simple split tests can give you the lift you’ve been looking for.
  • Facebook Marketing  – I got some great tips to keep fans engaged, but it’s important that you test (see above) what works best for your company.
    • Images are #1 for fan engagement.  People especially like to get a glimpse behind the scenes.
    • Pick a pattern and stick to it.  Sephora’s Fan Fridays offer Facebook fans first access to free samples and discounted products.  If you’re predictable, people will “tune in” for expected posts.
    • Don’t push, persuade.
    • Create a content calendar 1 week in advance, so that you’re not trying to create content or generate ideas at the last minute.
  • Thinking about running a contest? 
    • Offer bonus entries if someone share’s their entry with their social network.
    • Design your prize around your customer base and make it big and relevant.
    • Promote it everywhere!  Email, social, on your home page, etc.
    • Showcase the contest winner.  By telling their story you create content and turn them into a brand evangelist." 
By Stacy Carlson, Senior Email Marketing Consultant

To see what Lauren, Emily, and Nikki learned at Pubcon, check back for our next posts.