"My expectations were set pretty high for Pubcon because it is one of the biggest conferences for Online Marketing Professionals in the nation, and I was definitely not disappointed.  The four day event was packed with educational sessions given by highly-recognized leaders in our industry and debates on best practices and next-level marketing tactics.  The sessions I attended focused primarily on mobile marketing and Google Analytics.  Here are some of my key takeaways:

    • Mobile is here to stay!
      • With 835 million smartphone users, having a presence in the mobile market is necessary to stay in the game.
    • Mobile app or Mobile Website?
      • Companies shouldn’t choose a mobile website OR a mobile app, they should have a multi-pronged approach to mobile.
    • Responsive Design or Separate Mobile website?
      • There are benefits of having a ‘Responsive Design’ mobile website and benefits to creating a separate mobile website for mobile.  Clients should choose the type of mobile website based off their own goals."
    By Lauren Magyar, Online Marketing Consultant

    "Attending Pubcon in Las Vegas was a unique learning experience that provided great insight on different techniques for Online Marketing.  The conference covered a wide range of industry topics such as paid advertising, keyword research, local search, social media, and mobile marketing.  This was not only a venue to share breaking news but also a place to discuss successful practices to apply to any industry.

    These were some of my most noteworthy takeaways:
    • Integrate review opportunities more than once during your customer’s experience.
      • In a recent study, 52% said that positive online reviews persuade them to purchase from a local company.
      • When dealing with negative reviews, do not focus on having them removed.  Focus on resolving the issue with the customer and getting more reviews. 
    • Make creating content easy.
      • Use Q&A Sites for content ideas.  Sites like Yahoo!, LinkedIn, and Answers.com can give a lot of insight into what kinds of questions people want answered. Dig deep to see where your business can be a resource on subjects related to your industry. 
    • Give your content a more personal feel with Google Authorship.
      • Users trust content with Google Authorship showing a 30% higher click-through rate.
      • Users will be exposed to more of your content if you signup.  How? Let's say a user clicks on your listing with authorship after completing a search query. After they read your article for a few minutes, they might hit the back button to return to the search results.  Then, they will see more articles by you under your previously clicked listing."
    By Nikki Guevarra, Online Marketing Consultant