Sandcastle Realty and the Carolina One Kapp Lyons Group wanted to take their websites to the next level. They wanted to increase their visibility, their functionality, and their profitability - a tall order from two well-established vacation rental property managers and real estate companies.

Both companies recognized that their website was their #1 online marketing tool, and they wanted to maximize their website’s performance. Sandcastle Realty and Caroline One Kapp Lyons Group wanted to increase qualified traffic to their sites, and then have multiple touch points to be able to turn that traffic into raving fans.

The VDS team went to work, and these two beautiful websites are the result.

  • We created a custom website for each client. No cookie-cutter templates here. Each client was given a thorough questionnaire that fleshed out its desires and objectives. Then VDS met with each client to strategize those objectives, and a custom design was created to reach them.
  • We upgraded them to a responsive website. More and more guests are looking and booking from their cell phone or tablet, so it’s critical to have a responsive website to stay competitive.
  • We created multiple touch points for each client to engage with their guests. It’s important to keep the brand in front of guests and potential guests. With VDS’ custom vacation planning tools, both Sandcastle and Kapp Lyons can engage their guests pre-vacation, post-vacation and even during the vacation. What’s more, with these tools, they now have the capability to capture not only the email of the guest who is booking, but also the emails of all the guests involved in the vacation.
  • We revamped each client’s property search pages. Beautiful large photos are the key to selling a property, and the property search pages also include all the vital information for a potential guest to book.
  • We created mobile apps for each client, which will be launched next month. Yet another touch point for the client to stay connected to the guest and for their brand to stay top-of-mind.

Both Sandcastle’s and Carolina One Kapp Lyons’ websites were just launched, and these new tools will assure them a visible difference in guest engagement, and thus, their profitability.

Let VDS show you how your website can be upgraded to improve your profitability. Give us a call at 410-964-8665 or email us today!