With Hurricane Matthew approaching the Eastern United States in the next few days and possibly near your area, we at VDS want to make certain that you have all the information you need to properly communicate to your guests and homeowners.  As always, we are prepared to answer any questions that you may have. The information below, however, may answer many of those questions:

Home Page Alerts:

* You may want to put up a home page alert for your desktop site using whatever system you have in place to update the content.  You may also want to have an alert in OwnerNet for homeowners. 

Mobile Alerts:

* If you have the mobile alert option for your mobile website, you may want to update it to talk about procedures during Hurricane Matthew. 

Vacation Planning Tools:

* If you utilize vacation planning tools, you may want to update your Hot Spots and portal banners to include messaging to your guests.  You can also use your vacation planning tools to send an email message directly to them. 

Note: You will want to bring your admin URL and username/password home with you so that you can update your guests with additional emergency updates as needed throughout the storm.

Please remember that social media is a very important information resource for your guests so please be sure to update your social media outlets as well.

If you should need our assistance over the next few days please contact our support team during normal business hours at 410-964-8665, Option 1, or after hours call the Emergency Support Service at 866-731-0915. The service will contact us and someone from our support team will get back in touch with you regarding issues or emergency updates that are needed. Please be sure to give the Emergency Support Service the best number to reach you along with any specific information you have regarding the issue.

Or you can email us at support@vdsys.com.

Stay safe!

Your VDS Support Team