In recent months, "mobile" has been the focus of much attention. That's no surprise when you consider the explosion of mobile devices - from tablets to smartphones - that are now available to consumers.

These statistics offer some food for thought as to why a mobile strategy is more important than ever:
  • Mobile devices are expected to outsell PCs in 2011.
  • eMarketer projects U.S. smartphone users will reach 73.3 million by the end of 2011.
  • 58% of adults now use smartphones for more than making calls - they surf the web, read email, socialize online, watch videos and more. (Pew Internet Project)
With 1 in 6 emails being opened on a mobile device, your email program is the perfect place to focus your mobile strategy. By optimizing your messages for a mobile environment, you can make cost-effective changes that enhance the user's experience and ensure your message gets through no matter what the screensize.
  1. Link to a mobile version of your message. By including a plain text version of your HTML message, you can help to avoid potential issues for people using a device that does not support HTML.
  2. Don't crowd your links - Plan for “fat fingers”. You must consider how fingers are going to navigate the links on a touch screen. They are less accurate than a cursor, so be sure to leave ample room between your links. You’ll need to rethink elements like a navigation bar with multiple links in it or stacked links that could be frustrating for some people to click.
  3. Be succinct. Make your content scannable for subscribers on-the-go. When it comes to the written content of your email it’s best to keep it brief and bold. Try using fewer words and shorter sentences.
  4. Use alt tags effectively. Alt tags are used to describe any images included in your email. This email marketing basic is important because not all mobile devices will display your images correctly. By including alternative text, you can be sure everyone gets the message that an undisplayed image was supposed to convey.
  5. Remember the basics. Not to oversimplify, but basic best practices will always make your email more effective regardless of the environment they’re in. Always clearly convey who you are and your offer through your “friendly from” and subject line. A clear call to action once the email is opened should communicate exactly what you want your reader to do.
Ideally, it's important to be mobile friendly in all aspects of your online marketing.  Having mobile ready website is key to catering to this growing market segment.  Be sure you're taking full advantage of the rapidly growing mobile marketplace.

By Stacy Carlson, Email Marketing Consultant

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