What is Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? It’s simple! Google and Bing allow you to purchase ad placement on the search result pages, between the top section and side bar. You choose which keywords you would like to show results for, and enter an auction. A bid is required for each keyword and the higher you bid, the better placement you get.

It is one of the cornerstones of an effective online marketing campaign. By generating brand & product awareness, and by pointing traffic to your website, PPC campaigns have the potential to generate some serious return on investment. These online advertisements provide the perfect opportunity to reach potential customers along different steps of the purchase process, and provide them with the information, and the little extra push, necessary to generate revenue for your company.  And considering the multitude of tools available from both Google and Bing to generate and track the performance of your ads, implementing PPC campaigns is easier than ever before.

But, ease of implementation doesn’t necessarily guarantee ease of execution. PPC campaigns require constant updating, experimenting, and tweaking to generate ads that pique the interest of potential customers while convincing them to make micro and macro conversions.

With 2016 well under way, now is the perfect time to dive into your Google AdWords or Bing Ads accounts and update them for the New Year. Of course, these accounts require more attention than an annual update, but take advantage of this opportunity to make staying on top of your AdWords account a New Year resolution!

Here are just a few aspects of your AdWords account to look into:

Spending – Is your budget being used effectively? Are you increasing bids for demographics or location settings that might be more likely to convert? Are you spending the right amount of money on the right mix of keywords to get the best bang for your buck? Reevaluate the effectiveness of your keyword bids, find ways to increase your quality score, and delete ineffective or disapproved ads to decrease your cost-per-click and generate bottom line growth.

Ad Copy- Update dates from 2015 to 2016. Or completely revamp your ads for better performance! Use quality keyword research to effectively utilize the limited space within ad copy. Follow Google’s best practices and rules to maximize your quality score and increase the likelihood of your ad showing for a particular search.

Also, consider using extensions on your ads! Callouts are great for providing quick snippets of information, sitelinks can take users to pages on your site that might better match their search intent, locations can help boost your local marketing efforts, and call extensions are a great way for mobile users to reach your company directly.

Remarketing – You worked hard to get this new traffic to your website, but what’s next? A user is very unlikely to convert upon their first interaction with your website, and will spend time to research and figure out what fits their criteria. Don’t let them forget about you! Utilize Google Remarketing to place image and text ads on third party sites to keep your brand in front of potential prospects.

Google Analytics Integration- The best way to track the performance of your ads in light of website interaction and eCommerce data is to link your Google AdWords account to your Analytics account. Doing so can provide great data and tremendous insights into how your ads perform, whether they lead to purchase, and where you can improve them to generate even more revenue. Segment and drill-down your data to different levels for specific information about your ad spending and return on investment.

Follow the Leaders – Sometimes, the best insights about PPC campaigns come from Google. Follow news sources and Google blogs to stay up to date with changes in AdWords dashboards, the roll out of new features, and changes in algorithms that may affect how your ads perform. Growing your knowledge outside of the AdWords platform can really help your performance within the AdWords platform.

Don’t Forget the Little Guy- Microsoft’s Bing has long been considered an inferior product to AdWords, both in terms of implementation and reach. But Microsoft has a new outlook for Bing for 2016, and they have completely revitalized their ad service. They have teamed up with Yahoo to share search information that will improve the quality of results. Their search function is now more fully integrated into the Windows ecosystem. And finally, they have increased their budgets for improving the quality of support for their clients. In practice, the two platforms are quite similar, but this new revitalization provides another way to reach customers that you may have previously been ignoring.

This may seem like a lot to look into, and we’re definitely just scratching the surface, but these are some great first steps to get your PPC ball rolling for 2016.

However, if you feel more comfortable trusting experts to take care of your PPC accounts, VDS is a fantastic option.

VDS has years of experience creating effective campaigns and providing tremendous results for our PPC clients. All members of our online marketing team are certified in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and our company as a whole is a certified Google Partner. Additionally, we’re already on top of the Bing ball with our Bing Ads accreditations. We’re excited for the changes that may occur in the search world in 2016, and we’re more than ready to tackle the new year head on and generate great ROI for our clients.

Need some proof? In 2015, we managed over $1.18 million in online ad spending for our clients. These companies were able to generate $12.2 million in revenue directly attributable to those ads (the revenue number is a worst case scenario since only online bookings and not phone bookings were calculated).  That’s an overwhelming ROI of about 900%! Our Bing performance was just as impressive. We managed just over $104,000 in spending for our clients, leading to $1.97 million in revenue. This number is only going to increase as we convince our clients to take advantage of Bing’s rapid growth.

Whether you’re new to online advertising, or just need someone to revamp your AdWords account, VDS is a fantastic option. We’re a company with decades of experience in the vacation rental industry, and we have the track record to prove that we have the ability to improve your company’s ROI for online spending.

If you’re interested in our services, feel free to contact us on our website, and learn more about our PPC services, as well as the other services we provide!