Kapp Lyons Realty Website
Company: Kapp Lyons Realty
Location: Edisto Island, SC
Project: Website redesign
Visual Data Systems is excited to announce our newest redesigned website, Kapp/Lyons Realty.  Kapp/Lyons, who has been a client for over a decade, was working with a 5 year old site that had become outdated and harder to use for their guests.  

The new redesign features upgrades that increased the site's usability by employing a modern, clean, and minimalistic feel.  Adding to the site's usability are the three large search call outs seen on the home page.  The language used lets visitors to the site immediately find what they're looking for, creating a pleasant user experience.  
As for the look and feel of the new website, the main inspiration was to use the Kapp/Lyons logo, a black and white contrasting image.  This color scheme was drawn on for the navigation, header, and footer of the website, highlighted by a bright orange.  By keeping the Kapp/Lyons logo at the forefront of the design, the new site became a better version of an already strong brand.  

With the clean and modern design of the navigation, the site pairs the black and white text with beautiful, large images of Edisto Island, SC.  Shots of the beach, a tranquil pier, and an avenue of green oaks, entice guests to explore the site further.  Edisto is a special island in its quiet seclusion amid the larger, more tourist-friendly beaches of the South Carolina coast.  
Please take a moment to visit our newest site redesign! Also, be sure to check out our design portfolio, to see more projects from the design team. 
Kapp/Lyons: thank you for your business and congratulations on your new site.