These days, there is an app for just about anything and everything…but is there one for planning and executing the best vacation possible at your company? Is it branded with your name and relevant information? If so, is it worth the money you spend on it each month?

At VDS, we believe that a branded app is a powerful tool that our clients can use to increase their bottom line and their guest loyalty. That’s why we have included both iOS (Apple) and Android apps as part of our comprehensive Boomerang Platform. Our apps bring all the great vacation planning tools and communications options directly onto your guests’ mobile devices, so that they can have access anywhere they have an Internet connection.


Not only invaluable during the vacation planning process, your branded app is perfect for your guests’ actual vacation. Now, they can access information about your services, find vital local information from the concierge and current events tools, even change their itinerary directly on the app and update all the members of their party. The app also will allow them to directly communicate with the vacation rental manager at any time.

Best of all, the app will be branded in your name – which will keep your brand in front of your guests as long as the app exists on their device. With frequent updates, the Boomerang apps are always offering the best tools possible.

As opposed to other apps for vacation rental managers – the Boomerang apps are part of a complete package – no extra fees involved – as Boomerang is designed to bring the best possible technology & ROI to vacation rental managers.

We believe these tools, combined with the complete Boomerang platform will help you achieve much greater success in brand awareness and building loyalty within your client base.  If you would like to learn more, please visit our website or call us at 410-964-8665, ex. 210, to schedule a demo.