Last week, Visual Data Systems was represented at the Search Marketing Expo by Mark, 

Robert, Henry, and Chelsea. Over the next few days we will share what our attendees have learned and their overall impression of the conference. Today Mark, our Online Marketing Manager, will start off this series with relevant material he gained from his experience in New York.

"One of the principal things I learned at SMX NY is though it seems as things change very rapidly in this industry, they really don’t. The potential change gets all the attention because we are so concerned with what’s next in this industry. Sometimes what we overlook is when new products/updates get released, they don’t always work as they should (ex. Google Plus Local). Change takes time, many of the fundamental aspects of Online Marketing are still as important as they have always been. Our role in the marketing space has changed, however, we are no longer seen as a luxury but as a necessity.

Off my soapbox and onto some of the key takeaways from the conference, Google made several announcements worth repeating. First, they’re moving to a single script where they will serve all their different products. Gone are the days of asking your web developer to add the tenth different Google script for the new product you are adding. The next big announcement from Google was the addition of an API to their automated rules. What does this mean? Think of a future where your Adwords budget is directly in tune with your inventory, when inventory fills your budget automatically decreases.  

A couple other noteworthy takeaways:
  • Get registered on Yelp and start reviewing a bunch of businesses. The greater your influence in Yelp, the more you can help positive reviews about your business make it through their filter.
  • Get moving on a mobile ad strategy. There are still very few companies advertising in the mobile space, therefore it is very inexpensive when compared with more traditional ad format.
  • To avoid any potential Google penalties, you really need to scrub your inlinks manually. Pull a list of you inbound links and attempt to remove all that come from potential spam oriented sites. Some of these sites you may not even know are linking to your domain. Nonetheless, you need to try to get removed from them and to document the process in case you ever are hit with a penalty. You’ll need to make a case to Google you did all you could to be removed. The Penguin update is still affecting new companies daily and if it hits your company, you may never get back into Google’s Index. Yes, that means your site will not appear for any searches, anywhere…..a  traffic death sentence."
By Mark Randle, Online Marketing Manager

Check back tomorrow to see what Robert will share from this informative conference.