It is too simple and/or lazy to just answer that question with, ‘I want more sales’. In order to properly implement a successful loyalty marketing program, you must understand that there are several items you want to achieve, that will in the end lead to more sales.


First, you want to differentiate yourself from your competition. This will have an affect on both your current clients and prospects. In a world where vacation properties in your area are available from many outlets, the one who stands out with a value above and beyond the others will win. Your value (more on that later) will be what becomes the factor is decision making when product, price and standard services are relatively equal.

Secondly, you want to increase customer retention. Yes, this what we have been talking about all along, but it must become a focus of your organization. No longer can you think, my goal is 95% occupancy. The goal is now, I want 95% occupancy and 50% of those guests should be repeat guests.

Repeat Guest Graph

You want to increase your market share. By keeping more of your clients to yourself, you are in affect taking them away from other companies. The fact is they are going to take another vacation in your area, if you keep them with you then you will increase your market share year after year. This will make your marketing easier and your competitions harder.


Next, you want to provide a platform for relevant dialogue with your clients. If your clients are invested in you and you provide them with the tools to do so, they will tell you what they want from you and hence you can get better. If you take their wants and needs seriously, their loyalty will increase. They will also be more receptive to your marketing and communications, if they feel you have heard them and are giving them the information they want and need. Your guests want specific information and it is up to a good company to ask, listen and respond.


Finally, you want advocacy. By cultivating loyalty you should also be cultivating a group of brand advocates. The most loyal clients, the ones who get your value, should be the people you are asking to write reviews, the people who will be telling other people to book their next vacation with you over your competition.