Corolla Light Resort Village had the unique challenge of integrating 9 data feeds into one huge database that allows visitors to choose from over 300 rental homes. VDS took on that challenge and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “The new design has resulted in superior site performance,” stated Dave Phillips, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Corolla Light Resort Village.

Bringing together feeds from multiple companies was a monumental task, but the result was well worth it because “even the most devoted vacationer is unlikely to check more than just a few companies. The search function ensures 100% of the homes meeting a guest's criteria get presented to the guest, resulting in more rentals and less discounting,” Phillips affirmed.

The results speak for themselves: the number of users is up 14%, number of user sessions is up 23%, page views are up 132%, pages per session are up 89%, and time per session is up 83%.

Other site features include:

  • A fully responsive site which allows easy access and functioning on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Integrating data feeds from XML, V12, Property Plus, Escapia for Twiddy, Village, Brindley, Paramount, Corolla Classic Vacations, and Beach Realty
  • Individual administrative log-ins provide each company with their own administrative page and information.
  • Each company’s data is displayed on property descriptions, and then when the guest clicks to book that property, they are taken to that company’s site.
  • A booking urgency feature shows how many other guests have viewed the property to press the visitor to book the property before it’s gone.
  • An advanced customized analytics program that allows Corolla Light Resort to show its partners its value in referring business to them

Corolla Light Resort Village has been a VDS client since 2006. The longstanding relationship with VDS has allowed Corolla’s website and marketing to grow with the advent of new technology.

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