Using ad extensions with your Google or Bing pay-per-click ads is a great way to increase your quality score and chance of having your ad shown in the top coveted spots.  We’ve seen the number of extensions grow over the last couple of years, and Google recently added another one.  With 2016 having such a heavy focus on mobile, Google decided to introduce the AdWords Message Extensions.  These extensions, when clicked, allow a guest to directly text message a mobile phone associated with a business.  This could be a great extension for last-minute questions for guests, or getting leads from those technology-savvy people on their mobile phones.  

Advertisers can schedule the extensions to run only during business hours and they can choose some text to fill the user’s message.  For example, you could create a message extension that reads “I’m interested in getting quotes for a vacation.  Please text me back.” as a general inquiry for someone to use.  Or, leave it blank and let the user tell you what they’d like.  

This is a pretty creative extension that would work very well for any companies who have a business mobile phone.  Let us know if you’ve given it a shot!

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