Atwood Gets Huge ROI With Online Marketing

Your most valuable marketing tool is your website, and knowing how to strategically utilize the technology available to you is the key to turning your website into a profit-generating tool.

Atwood Vacations, located in Edisto Island, South Carolina, has included Visual Data Systems (VDS) in its strategic planning for the past 17 years. Using VDS’ online marketing program, which includes monthly online consulting, a pay-per-click program to increase the website’s visibility and traffic, and Google analytics, Atwood has seen their online presence grow substantially.

2015 was a banner year for Atwood, with the online marketing program generating almost $1.4 million in sales. The pay-per-click program brought in almost $105,000 of that revenue.

The positive growth has continued into 2016, with almost $1.2 million in revenue already on the books due to the online marketing efforts. Julia Filo, the Online Marketing Consultant for VDS who works with Atwood, noted, “Atwood’s return on investment (ROI) for their online marketing dollars was huge, and they recognize that it’s an important component of their overall marketing efforts. We’re already looking toward 2017’s marketing and strategizing accordingly.”

In addition to increased revenue, Atwood saw an increase in their guest engagement and ultimately, brand loyalty. 

Is your best marketing tool – your website – being optimized with online marketing? If not, make 2017 your best year yet and contact VDS today to get started to stellar results like these!