Here are 3 things you need to know: Google+ Photos, Bing Mobile Friendly Label, AdWords Budget Sharing


marketing news roundup

1) Google+ Photos

In order to more fully build out a Google My Business listing, Google now offers a detailed way to show potential customers more about your business in photos.  Instead of just uploading 5 or more various photos of the business and the services you offer, Google My Business now prompts the page manager with categories.  They are:


  1. Identity photos: profile picture, business logo, and cover photo.  You can also choose which one of these you want to have showing beside your organic listing instead of letting Google choose.

  2. Interior photos: 3 or more photos of the inside of the business office

  3. Exterior photos: photos of what the customer can expect to recognize if driving by the business

  4. Photos at work: 3 or more photos that are representative of services you offer

  5. Team photos: photos of employees at the company.  Google recommends management level personnel.  


You can find these advanced options in the dashboard view of your Google My Business page by clicking on “Manage photos.”



2) Bing Mobile Friendly Label

Following in Google’s footsteps, Bing introduced a Mobile Friendly label to show in search results.  Similar in look and purpose, this label will signify to mobile users very easily if the site they’re about to head to is mobile friendly or not.  The new label looks like this:

bing mobile friendly label



3) AdWords Budget Sharing


One of the most difficult portions of determining budgets for Google AdWords is breaking a total daily budget down between your well-segmented campaigns.  In his weekly AdWords tip, a Google Partner named Scott Dunroe showed us how to take a portion of a budget and allow it to be shared by multiple campaigns.  This helps to put an entire allowance to use instead of wondering if you are hitting your daily budget.  You can find this setting under the Shared Library dashboard of Google AdWords:

adwords shared budget



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