Here are 3 things you need to know: Facebook Changes, Emoji, Google+ Photos


marketing news roundup

1) Facebook Changes

Facebook announced three major changes that we will be exploring in our coming blog posts.  For now, here’s what you need to know: starting at the end of April, Facebook will be cutting down on ads within the news feed.  This comes with a wave of effort to cut down on spam and click bait posts seen in people’s timelines.  Because of this change, there will be more opportunity for Facebook ads to be moved to the right hand side of the news column, like so:

Historically, ads in the right column have gotten less attention due to placement.  Additionally, they appear smaller which can limit the text and photo options available to advertisers.  Be aware that this change might be happening to any Facebook ads you’re currently running and if you’d like to make changes, now is the time to re-evaluate your Facebook ad strategy!



2) Emoji in Search Results

Millennials may be rejoicing, but we have a feeling the older crowd is rolling their eyes: emoji are now eligible to appear within desktop search results across Google and Bing.  Emoji have been showing in mobile searches since 2012, but as of this week the little characters are appearing in desktop search results.  Search Engine Land learned about this update since Expedia has actually been testing using emojis in their title tags to increase click through rates:




3) Google+ Photos


n an effort to build out a Google+ page more fully, there are now additional options to add and segment photos by type.  To view your own options, head into your Google+ dashboard and choose “Manage Photos.”  Once you’re in there, you will now see options to upload specific photo categories like team photos, where you can upload photos of management,


or interior photos, to give a prospective customer an idea of what your business feels like.





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