Here are 3 things you need to know: Facebook Post Targeting, Instagram Notifications, Competitor Keywords


1) Facebook Post Targeting

-Although this is not a new feature, it may be something you have missed when it was rolled out. Facebook offers many targeting options for those who participate in paid advertising, and it looks as if some of those are now available for your organic posts. When posting, select the crosshair option from your business page. This will appear in the panel where you make a post:

target facebook posts


From there, you will be able to target your posts to a specific audience determined by gender, interests, location, and more! Here are some of the options available to you:

facebook targeting


Using this targeting is a great way to gear more specific posts to more specific people. You may see more engagement and better quality traffic by testing this. Don't forget that you can always find out demographic data on your Facebook audience from the Insights section!



2) Instagram Notifications

In Instagram's newest update, they've adding something for brands to look out for: post notifications. This will allow Instagram users to receive push notifications when certain brands make an Instagram post. If you'd like your past or potential guests to recieve updates about your Instagram posts, ask them to turn on post notifications in their settings here:

instagram post notifications



3) Competitor Keywords

In a quiet update on Google+, Google announced an important update to their Keyword Planner tool: the ability to benchmark your keyword data against competitors. Specific benefits of this update include reviewing your ad impression share to the top 5 market leaders or to similar advertisers in your area. This change might bring about an easier way to do keyword research, as well as making proven adjustments to your paid advertising and SEO. Read more about the new update on SEO Round Table.  

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