Here are 3 things you need to know: Local Pack Changes, Movie Review Schema, Scheduling Instagram


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1) Local Pack Changes

The list of local results that you see within Google search queries when looking for a local service is called the local pack. Over the years there have been many changes to how these results look, from between 7 to 10 results, to the addition of a map feature, to even a listing that looks like a carousel. This data, driven by Google My Business pages, is meant to provide quick information like an address and phone number to users, especially mobile users.


Thursday August 7th brought a radical change to the local pack: only 3 results showing in a typical search. That means between 4 and 7 listing have just dropped from high visibility. Our best guess is active, verified, and engaging Google My Business pages have guaranteed their spot in the new 3 pack, so if you're not posting and filling out your page, or you haven't even claimed it yet, you might see a big drop in impressions from that prime spot.


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2) Movie Review Schema

The latest change to schema markup pulls movie reviews right into search results! Previously, there was information about movies available, but you were likely to see a star rating, information about actors, date of release, etc. Now, schema markup is pulling actual content from movie critics into the results! More at Search Engine Land.




3) Scheduling Instagram


Hootsute has developed a new tool that will allow Instagram users to start scheduling their posts- the only catch is that it can only be done on the desktop version of Instagram. If you use the popular social management tool Hootsuite, you should see this integration rolled out to your account! More at Marketing Land.



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