Here are 3 things you need to know: Facebook Place Tips, Site Speed Label, April 21st


1) Facebook Place Tips

-Facebook can be more than a way to engage with followers over social sharing.  One of the ways they’ve begun to get more creative is by using locationally based settings to interact with Facebook users.  The latest update is called Facebook Place Tips.

facebook place tips 

When a Facebook mobile app user is near a local business, the Facebook app will alert them with updates from that business, photos from friends who have been there, recent posts from the business, and more.  Facebook app users will be able to enable or disable using place tips within their phone settings. (Marketing Land)



2) Site Speed Label

-Google is experimenting with a label that will show in search results to immediately tell users if a site’s performance is slow.  It’s a red label that reads “slow.”   Right now, this testing has only been seen in the mobile search results, leading SEO experts to believe it will most likely appear next to mobile sites who do not pass a mobile site speed test.

slow label in search results



3) April 21st

-If you missed it last week, April 21st will bring a Google algorithm change that will penalize non mobile-friendly websites.  With just over a month to go, it’s crunch time for preparing a mobile-friendly solution so as not to take a rankings hit.  Check if your site is mobile friendly with this test:  If you didn’t pass, contact Visual Data about a responsive web design or separate mobile site; both will be recognized by Google and other search engines as mobile-friendly.   

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