Here are 3 things you need to know: AdWords URLs, Google Webmaster Tools, Apple & Safari


1) AdWords URLs

-You might have gotten an email from Google AdWords announcing changes to your ads' desintation URLs. The upgraded URLs they plan to implement will give advertisers new and easier tracking parameter options on an ad by ad basis. One thing you'll notice is the Destination URL option will be going away:

adwords destination URLs 

Now, instead of a chnage to the destination URL going to review and pausing your ad, you will have advanced options within tracking parameters that will not affect any current ads running.


Bonus: you will be able to add additional tracking around locations too! (Search Engine Journal)



2) Google Webmaster Tools

-Google Webmaster Tools has released an update that will help its users find any resources that may be blocked and therefore inaccessible to Google Bot. This update is on the heels of the announcement of the April 21st mobile algorithm change. Sites that are not mobile friendly by the 21st of April should expect to be penalized. One of the best ways to ensure mobile friendliness is to make sure elements like Javascript, CSS, etc. are not blocked from being crawled. Thanks to the new update in Webmaster Tools, it's very easy to see if there's anything you need to unblock.

Want to learn more about the April 21st mobile algorithm update? Read our Guide to Mobile SEO.




3) Apple & Safari

-Search Engine Land's Greg Sterling has an interesting prediction for the upcoming year: Apple will not renew its deal with Safari to keep it the default search engine for Apple product users. Their current agreement is up sometime this year, and Sterling predicts that since the number of people who search in Safari is declining, Apple may not be willing to enter into another agreement.


"According to StatCounter, Google has an 84 percent mobile search market share in the U.S." from those who search on some kind of Google Search app on their phone or just head straight to We will be watching to see what happens in terms of traffic coming in from Safari on our desktop as well as mobile sources.  (Search Engine Land)

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