Here are 3 things you need to know: Tweets in Search Results, NAP Becomes NAPO, LinkedIn Notifications


seo news roundup

1) Tweets in Search Results


-Google has recently reached a deal with Twitter to start showing real-time tweets in search results.  Because of this new development, there are a few things you can be doing to make sure you’re on the receiving end of this agreement:


1. If you don’t have a Twitter account, get one!

2. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter are connected so that everything you post becomes a tweet.  To check this, go to

3. Make sure you’re posting relevant keywords on Twitter

4. Don’t forget that Twitter has their own version of Analytics that you can see which tweets are working well for your account.  

5. A good way to get new followers is to use reciprocation of following new people

6. You can also retweet people you follow if it’s relevant and helpful information.


2) NAP to NAPO

-In the past, the “big three” requirements for local search marketing were optimized name, address, and phone number.  These are lovingly abbreviated in the industry as NAP.  Recently, Linda Buquet, a Google+ Local SEO Specialist, has clued us in that one more metric is required to have verified and clean local search listings: open hours.  

-As NAP has become NAPO, it will be important to nail down business hours, or to at least have reliable placeholders in your Google My Business pages.  Even changing these seasonally will be more beneficial than leaving them blank.  The thought is that the lack of hours signifies a spammy business to Google.  There has even been talk that the lack of business hours on the page can leave you high and dry if you ever were to need Google+ Support.


3) LinkedIn Notifications

-LinkedIn has rolled out a new notification center available to all business pages.  The easy-to-read dashboard will appear at the top of your business page when you’re logged in.  According to LinkedIn, the new dashboard allows you to:

  • “Get an aggregated overview of how many likes, comments, and shares you’ve received on Company Page updates and how often your company has been mentioned by LinkedIn members on the platform

  • View every publicly shared mention of your company on LinkedIn

  • See all of the most recent likes, comments and shares your company has received in a single view

  • Comment and like as a company representative in response to mentions about your company,” (LinkedIn)


This update brings the most business-driven social network in with the likes of Facebook’s admin area, allowing anyone with access to the business page to be able to see any recent engagement.  



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