Here are 3 things you need to know: Page Load Time, What Do SEOs Do?, Spam Analysis


1) Page Load Time

-We know from a previous update that Google is tesing a red “slow” label to show in search results that will easily delineate sites that have a slow load time.  We found out this week from Google’s John Mueller that there is a specific time that Google’s considers too slow: 2 seconds.  Mueller also said that this slow load time affects the number of URLs Google Bot is able to crawl:

“We're seeing an extremely high response-time for requests made to your site (at times, over 2 seconds to fetch a single URL). This has resulted in us severely limiting the number of URLs we'll crawl from your site, and you're seeing that in Fetch as Google as well. My recommendation would be to make sure that your server is fast & responsive across the board. As our systems see a reduced response-time, they'll automatically ramp crawling back up.” (SEO Round Table)



2) What Do SEOs Do?

Moz’s Rand Fishkin recently released a White Board Friday video that better explains what an SEO does all day. You can check it out here:



3) Spam Analysis

Moz has made a an update to their Open Site Explorer tool called “Spam Analysis.”  The tool uses different spam flags to analyze the links on your site and determine, on a scale of low to high trust, how spammy they are.  For example, a site with a large number of external links or low number of internal links may look spammy.  The Spam Analysis tool is now the easiest and most useful way to check for what Google might consider spammy on your site.   

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