Here are 3 things you need to know: Bing's Mobilegeddon, Google Map Maker Suspended, Facebook De-Valuing Spam


1) Bing's Mobilegeddon

Bing announced today that they will roll out their own algorithm update to favor mobile-friendly sites. Unlike Google's Mobilegeddon on April 21st, Bing has not announced a day for the algorithm change to begin. The good news is that if the necessary steps were taken to prepare your mobile solution for Google, you should be fine for the Bing change as well. If you didn't, then get ready to watch your rankings take a hit in Bing search results as well.



2) Google Map Maker Suspended

In the wake of a Google Maps hack that resulted in an Android figure relieving itself on an Apple logo

Google has decided to suspend the ability for users to make map edits. The service previously allowed users to update maps when they saw inconsistencies, or add new places before Google picked them up. Google has not announced when Maps will be editable again, but the Android hack was just the last on a long list of hacks to Google that has prompted this update.



3) Facebook De-Valuing Spam


Good news for everyone who's sick of the clickbait articles flooding their Facebook timelines: Facebook is devaluing spammy and promotional content in favor of quality, unique, and engagement centered posts. This may be causing some users to re-evaluate their Facebook strategy if they previously relied on promotions, contests, and ads to drive their Facebook engagement. If you do have to make links to your own site that could be seen as self-promotional, try for original photos and content, and to stay away from clickbait titles.


For example:



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