Here are 3 things you need to know: Emoji are Out, Mobile Searches Surpass Desktop, New Reporting in Webmaster Tools

1) Emoji are Out

And just like that, they're gone! Our blog post last week announced that emoji were eligible to show in search results after the web picked up some testing done by Expedia. However, yesterday Google said that they will not be indexing emoji characters. Our best guess is the use of emojis is too closely related to a spammy feel that Google heavily advises against.


2) Mobile Searches Surpass Desktop

For years we have been predicting this day and it's finally here: the number of searches on mobile devices have surpassed desktop and tablet searches combined! This comes on the heels of the mobilegeddon update that prioritized sites with a mobile-friendly version in organic rankings. One thing's for sure, this year is the year of the mobile phone. It will be interesting to watch how many new things come out to optimize sites even further for smaller screens and big thumbs.



3) New Reporting in Google Webmaster Tools


A new reporting feature in Google Webmaster Tools rumored a couple of years ago is now live. The new search analytics feature is to take the place of the simple search queries report in an effort to dive deeper into what content is also performing well.


Search Engine Land reports, "Specifically it gives the ability to better analyze your site’s performance in the Google search results by showing you clicks, impressions, CTR and average position while allowing you to compare these metrics using different dimensions such as dates, queries, pages, countries, devices and search property (web, images, etc)."


It includes things like a device report:

as well as countries, queries, and pages.


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