Emily Thompson
Pubcon was a great experience, a chance for our online marketing team to mingle in our natural environment with like species of SEOs. There were so very many people from all walks of life, positions, and industries, all fluent in search and social media.  As this was one of the premier conferences of its kind, I was sure of two things going in. 1. That we would take away new insights we could apply to the vacation rental industry, and 2. That there would not be a vacant outlet in the building.  I was right on both accounts (we geeks love our devices).  I was really pleased with the variety of sessions, the hot topics or “Top 40” was covered extensively, things like responsive design, and remarketing. It was nice however to hear some new approaches to the classics, like content creation and link building. Below are some key takeaways  from Pubcon 2012.
You can remarket without being creepy – If you have not heard of remarketing, this is a feature in Google Adwords that allows you to follow users who have previously been on your website with relevant ads while they visit other sites on the Google display network. Yes, remarketing can be somewhat creepy, but there are ways to use this tool effectively without upsetting or alarming those in your audience. Use as many different image ad sizes as possible, cap the frequency of impressions and determine the best duration of time to keep a user on your list.
Be a local evangelist– Content is still king, that is of course qualitycontent. Every Tom, Dick and Harry can write a few paragraphs on the local Frisbee-Golf tournament. Take this to a new level, write about transportation to the event, or interview a participant. Do something your competitors aren't.
Tie your link building & content creation strategies – There are old school link building strategies and new school. If you’re still posting links on forums, it’s time for a change. Link building is no longer just the responsibility of your SEO or webmaster.  To be done effectively, link building needs to be an initiative focused on by those in marketing, PR, community relations, sales, etc… 
Take advantage of Google Authorship – Have you seen an image of the author of a piece of content in the SERPs before? If so, you have been exposed to Google Authorship.  Google has begun ranking content based on the author-rank of the person who produced it.  Google will also show more results of authors whose content you have spent time reading in the past.  Authorship can be achieved relatively easily by linking your Google Plus account with your content.   Take full advantage of your G+ account and your blog, and get more exposure in the SERPs.
I could go on much longer but you have more to read from Stacy on Facebook Marketing and Contests and from Lauren and Nikki on Mobile and Local Insights.   
By Emily Thompson, Online Marketing Consultant