As almost every consumer is involved in or asked to be involved in various loyalty or rewards programs on a daily basis. Airlines, resorts/hotels, grocery stores and even movie theaters have embraced some form of loyalty marketing and the time is now perfect for vacation rental managers to catch up and provide the programs that consumers crave.

To help professional vacation rental managers get started with their own loyal marketing program, Visual Data Systems is proud to present an informative educational session at RezFest 2013 titled ‘Loyalty Marketing and the Vacation Rental Industry’. This session will be presented by Susan DeCourcey, Vice President – Client Solutions and Robert Gray, Vice President – Vacation Rentals and will be held at 1 PM on Thursday, September 26th.

This session will cover the basics of Loyalty Marketing and how important it is for the Vacation Rental Industry to engage in Loyalty Marketing to increase repeat business, build brand awareness, increase market share through up-sales and provide more relevant dialogue with clients and prospects through data capture.

Attendees to this session will learn 

               1.  The different types of loyalty marketing
               2.  How to develop a value statement for a proprietary loyalty program
               3.  The importance of data collection
               4.  Deciding on whether a points based rewards program or a dialogue only program is                                            best for your company
               5.  The resources and tools needed to run a program properly and how to execute and                                            measure results. 

The session will also discuss how to work with a consultant to build a strategic plan for the loyalty program.

We look forward to seeing as many RezFest attendees at our session but we understand that not everyone can attend, so we invite attendees to visit the Visual Data Systems booth at RezFest to discuss Loyalty Marketing or you can sign up to receive more information on Loyalty Marketing at

***Update 10/3/13

Presentation from RezFest 2013