Just south of the hustle and bustle of the popular Virginia Beach area is a quiet, picturesque coastal village called Sandbridge. Located just minutes from the attractions, shopping and nightlife, yet far enough away for families and those who want to truly enjoy miles of uncrowded white, sandy beaches, Sandbridge offers a slower pace and nature’s unspoiled beauty. 

Sandbridge Realty, featuring the finest vacation homes and condos in the area, just launched its revamped responsive website with new features such as a sticky search banner and interactive videos. Other enhanced features include a “make an offer” form that allows the guest to share their desired budget and then searches for rentals within that parameter, and a split cost calculator, which allows families or individuals to equitably split the cost of a vacation rental. 

The leader in marketing the Sandbridge area, Sandbridge Realty also just launched their retooled responsive site for Sanctuary Realty at Sandbridge, which highlights the luxury oceanfront vacation condos at Sanctuary at False Cape. Lisa Roland, Sandbridge Realty’s Marketing Director, remarked, “Our two new responsive websites have been well received by both our clients and the visitors on our site.  It was interesting to me how many of our owners called and said ‘The new responsive site is great.’”  

The third website that Sandbridge just launched is entirely new, built from the ground up by Visual Data Systems (VDS), and is tailored to market to millennials and a younger audience. The Virginia Beach Rentals website highlights experiential adventures such as water sports, fitness offerings, and even local breweries. This new site is introducing the Virginia Beach area to a new target audience who prefer an experiential lifestyle in their vacations. Roland acknowledges the guidance and direction she received from VDS as she designed this new site was very helpful in keeping her on task. When asked about her working relationship with VDS, Roland replied, “We are very pleased with the way we are working together…(It’s) a great partnership that is very valuable to the success of our company.” 

At VDS, we are proud of our long-term relationship with Sandbridge Realty, and of helping them turn their marketing goals into reality. If you’d like to see how we can help you reach your marketing objectives, contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.