"The SMX conference in NYC last week was very informative on many different levels and it was certainly interesting to interact with and learn from such a wide variety of industry personnel. From agencies to vendors to companies just wanting to learn more – there was certainly a lot of opinions to be had.

What I take away from the SMX conference is that SEO is always more than you think it is. Truly, there are so many moving parts and so many things than can affect SEO positively and negatively that it is almost impossible to keep track. The key, of course, is how to best take all of these moving parts and affect positive change.

Good SEO is broken down to many categories such as traditional SEO, content creation, design, paid placement, etc. It’s also broken down to social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing, Link Building, etc. What is key is that they all affect each other. 

For example, when promoting a video on YouTube – once you have created the video and posted it – you need to write a description and add keywords. Then you should post it on other social media. Then post it on your website with an optimized transcript. Think you’re done – nope – you should promote it with AdWords. If done correctly it will positively affect your search engine rankings. This scenario could be played out for any number of strategies and techniques. For me, it really does point out the need to engage with a highly qualified and trained group of consultants who can move you in the right direction.

While not a concrete list of takeaways from the conference, besides the fact that everything affects your search results, I leave you with the following to discuss with the person you consult with for SEO:
  • Whether you like it or hate it – Google+ is very important and you need to start using it right.
  • The number of Facebook Fans you have is not relevant – so get rid of the 10,000 ones you paid for in a foreign country (Facebook will do it for you anyways) – what is relevant is how engaged your fans are. Non-engaged fans will not see your posts. Figure out how to get them engaged.
  • Being correctly placed and indexed in directories should be a priority
  • Everything cannot be ruled by SEO – otherwise sites would be all text – find a balance
  • Content is the hardest SEO tactic to implement – but one of the most important
  • Write content for clients and sales not Google
  • Mobile Site first then an APP"
By Robert Gray, Vice President

To hear from Henry and Chelsea on their conference experiences check back for our next post.