One of the most rewarding parts about working at Visual Data Systems is launching a brand new website for either a new client or one of our old bucks. Not only is it what helps pay the bills around here -- it also is a climatic finish to weeks of hard labor between our employees and the client. Those privacy policy pages don't write themselves!
Today, we are pleased to announce that in conjunction with Sunset Properties -- one of our longest-tenured clients at 13 years -- we have released three new websites on their behalf:,, and
It is mandatory that you check out these beautiful sites.

The last time Sunset Properties redesigned their sites with us was way back in 2009. Barack Obama had recently moved into The White House and Miley Cyrus topped the charts with "Party In The USA." While Sunset's sites had been performing exceptionally well since then, the company went through a rebrand, redesigning their logo, and desired a new look and feel on their sites. Plus, who wouldn't want the latest-and-greatest Visual Data offerings?

After a nine-week process, lead designer Maria Beam and project manager Tara Jones, quickly churned out all three websites. The final results are stunning.

"This project was so much fun because the client was ready for something completely different," Maria revealed. "Sunset wanted a modern, 'light and bright' aesthetic, so I used their new logo as the starting point and ran with this new theme. It was a big departure from the previous darker, retro-beach feel."

Since this was not the first time Sunset Properties had done a redesign with us, they understood the process and trusted our experience and expertise. "It allowed me to really bring my creative vision for their new site into fruition," Maria observed. "I think we succeeded brilliantly in bringing a fresh new look to this client's web presence. And it was not limited to just their website—we also updated their blogs, email marketing templates, and mobile site to match the aesthetic seen on their three websites."

Tara, a senior project manager whose overseen hundreds of redesigns, also believed that our long-term relationship with Sunset helped yield even better results. "What made me really excited about this project being live was how well the collaboration went and how prepared and responsive they were throughout the build," Jones explained. "It really helped to move things along. They've been a client for many years now so know that the website is an ever evolving marketing piece-- that content can be updated and new features added along the way-- so they didn't get stuck in the process. Not only looking for a change in the look, but also wanted do a bit of reorganization."

Maria's favorite new features of the site include Sunset's new responsive mobile website and a featured property widget she specially designed. It sticks to the side of your page as you scroll. Meanwhile, Tara loved the new "warm, calming feel of the site" and the iPad friendly masthead.

While we have our own personal likes and favorites, it's the client who ultimately must be happy. And Sunset Properties owner Ron Watts was thrilled with the final results. “We started discussions in the summer, and had the new look and functionality up by early November,” Watts explained. “As we now move into the our peak bookings season, we’re hearing compliments from both guests and owners not only about the sites’ new appearance, but its speed, and the fact that we continue to make it very easy to actually book a reservation. That’s exactly what our goal was when we started this latest redesign. We couldn’t be more pleased with everyone’s efforts at Visual Data Systems.”

Thank you, Sunset Properties. Congratulations and good luck on your new sites!

Quick Facts About Sunset Properties' Redesign

Sites Updated

New Features

Other Features

  • Guest Reviews
  • Improved "Add to Cart"
  • Improved Search Calendar

Facts About Client

  • Service Area: Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina
  • Properties Managed: 370 between the two service areas
  • Been in Business: Since 1998
  • Software Integration: Barefoot