Company: Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations
Location: Deep Creek Lake, MD
Project: Website redesign
Features: Large photo viewer, Seasonal Theme Changes, Speicals Icon, In-page Reviews, Calendar, and Rental Calculator
Visual Data Systems is excited to announce our newest redesigned website, Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations.  The first redesign since the original site launched in 2008, Taylor-Made's new site has some very exciting additions.

Keeping the client in mind, the redesign features upgrades that make the site easy to use and navigate.  For example, the new site features an icon designating properties on special in the general search results, making it easy for guests searching for any vacation rental specials.

The new site aims to simplify.  Now, every property page shows Google maps, a rent calculator, and a calendar, making it extremely easy for guests to pick and book a vacation all in one place!  Reviews from the property management software Escapia are integrated into the reviews section of the property pages as well.  A large photo viewer has also been added to show guests high-quality images of their rentals.

Deep Creek Lake is unique in that it is a great vacation destination for every season.  To reflect that, the Taylor-Made redesigned site's themes and colors will change with the seasons, much like the colors of the Deep Creek Lake area itself.  For this season, the homepage image, theme, and colors all showcase wintry blues.

When asked about their experience working with Visual Data Systems, Taylor-Made said, "Each and every person we worked with listened and understood our vision for the webpage refresh and garnished it in the end product.  We are very happy!"

Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations: thank you for your business and congratulations on your new site!