How do you make your website stand out from the rest of the pack? By utilizing innovative technology to enhance your site and keep your online visitors engaged, which translates to converting them to a reservation.

VDS has recently added four new features to clients’ sites, which is helping clients connect with their guests:

1. Split Cost Calculator. Destin Jewel offers a split cost calculator. This feature comes up after a guest checks availability, then gets a quote. By clicking on the Split Cost Calculator, the guest can input how many rooms each family is using in the home, and then split the overall cost accordingly.

2. Exit Intent Pop-Up. Concerned about a potential guest leaving your site without booking? Then check out the newest feature we’ve added to Carolina One Kapp Lyons’ website which offers an exit intent pop-up. The first time the guest leaves the site, a gentle reminder comes on the screen informing them why Carolina One Kapp Lyons offers the best vacation experience, as well as an offer to capture their email.

3. Advanced Search Results. When Royal Destinations upgraded their search function, their website visitors now can choose a property to view from the search and find more results at the bottom of the page, rather than having to hit the back button to go back to the results page.

4. Enhanced Google Maps. This feature, also on the Carolina One Kapp Lyons website, is an upgraded Google map view on the results page, which allows interactivity between the results and the map.

If you’d like to explore how these features might benefit your website, contact us today for your free consultation. Let us help you create a more profitable experience with your most valuable marketing tool – your website!