Everyday more and more people and business are using Facebook. Whether it is being used for social networking, growing your business or both, we all know Facebook is important. Everyone is interested in learning more about Facebook and I am happy to help you begin your Facebook journey with the following 5 steps that will help you create an optimized business page.Page Title:
Title your page carefully. This is the first step you take when creating an optimized Facebook business page. The best idea here is to use your real business name and to avoid keyword stuffing. You want Facebook users to be comfortable with you as a business and not think of your page as spam because of your title. Remember, you can’t change the name of your page later so stick with the best idea and use your business name.
Update Update Update!
It is very important to regularly update your Facebook Page. One of the main reasons people “Like” a page is to be kept up to date with that company’s news, events and even becoming more familiar with the Company on a more personal level. If a page is not updated often with this information, then the fans that “Like” your page are not getting any incentive to stay your fans.
Unique URLs for Pages:
Facebook allows businesses to pick a unique URL for their business pages. This is a great way to make you Facebook business page easily accessible to everyone and lets you capitalize on branding your page even more if you use your business name as the unique URL. Remember that once the URL is set, you will not be able to change it.
Custom Profile Picture:

Facebook currently allocates 180 X 540 pixels for a profile picture. It is advantageous to customize as much of your fan page as possible. Using a large custom image makes your presence on the page more defined, while showing users you value your fan page. The profile picture is the first thing a user sees when arriving at your page. It has the potential to make a lasting impression and should therefore be as creative and engaging as possible.
Custom Landing Page:

There are many benefits to custom landing pages. The most obvious is ensuring users that they have arrived in the right place. This is accomplished by customizing the page to match the look and feel of your website and providing valuable content. Studies have found that users who arrive on a custom landing page are twice as likely to “like” your page, or convert, as those directed to the wall.