We’ve all run across bad websites, and wondered why they weren’t more usable. As we create and develop websites for our clients, we maintain strong standards of usability, readability and functionality. Here are the top 5 mistakes we find in websites, along with a few suggestions to correct them:

1. Poorly Organized Content Layout

A top complaint about bad websites is that they're hard to navigate.  Visitors should be able to easily find items and then quickly navigate to them.  Going through several pages to get to something is annoying, and many people will leave the site if it's not easily navigated.

Make sure that your layout is clean and the structure is easy to navigate.  Always think about the visitor's experience, and try to make it as easy as possible for them to find content. 

2. Out of Date Content

Nothing is more aggravating than visiting a website and finding that it's woefully out of date. And nothing will make a visitor leave quicker than useless information. This will make your site look stale and tell visitors that you not a viable contender in the marketplace.

It’s well worth your (or someone on your team’s) time to continually update your website. At a minimum, weekly scan the site to freshen the content, fix broken links, and remove content that is no longer viable.

3. Your Contact Information Is Not Easily Visible

If you want people to reach you, you need to have your contact information available in several easy-to-find locations on your site (not just the Contact page). Most people like to find this information on the home page, either on the top or the bottom of the page.

Remember: the easier this information is to find, the more likely you’ll be contacted. And isn’t that the whole point?

4. Lack of Vision

What is your vision for your website? What is the feeling that you want your visitors to experience? Do the images and content reflect that feeling? How do you want the website to mirror your company culture?

These are important questions you must first ask yourself before designing your site. Then it is critical that you work with someone who “catches” your vision and is able to re-create it for you on your site. This work will pay off with a site that is aligned with your purpose, and attract clients who get what you do.

5. Website Is Not Responsive

More and more website visits are coming from mobile devices and tablets, so you must have a responsive design, which works across multiple platforms. Long gone are the days when visitors slogged through small, unreadable content that is designed just for laptop/desktop applications. They will just go to another site if yours is not responsive.  Read more about responsive design.

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