Imagine a vacationer is booking a house for vacation. Now, imagine that house has five bedrooms and sleeps 14 people. Do you think the person booking the house is the sole person responsible for this vacation? Do you assume since they are the leaseholder that they are your sole customer and concern?


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If that house is full, then there are at least 4-6 adults involved in this process who would help choosing the location, property or properties, and organize the daily planning of the vacation.


If you have ever been on the phone with someone trying to book a vacation, you know it can take a long time to describe the location, amenities, features, value, and price of a property and sometimes you have to do that for several properties. Now imagine that person writing down all that information and starting a group email to the other decision makers, or getting on the phone to describe the same information one, two, or three times and then we when they make a decision the property has been booked and they go back to the drawing board. This can be frustrating and the guest has not even planned what they are doing on vacation or what they need to bring yet.


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With GuestAdVantage™, Visual Data Systems has taken this scenario and transformed it to make vacation planning fun. The first thing we did was give people the ability to save a ‘vacation’ shopping cart to their GuestAdVantage™ account. This shopping cart holds all the information they need to make a decision on a property.


Next, we have given the vacation planner the ability to invite other people to view the vacation through their own GuestAdVantage™ membership. Once associated with a vacation, the other members can make comments on the shopping cart, view the property details and pricing, and make a quicker decision (minus the phone calls the emails) and of course book right from the portal.


If guests do want to message each other, they can do so right within the secure portal. They can even message you, the vacation rental manager, with questions they might have.


As an added bonus to you, those travelers that were invited and joined GuestAdVantage™ are now opted into your marketing, increasing your market reach and brand awareness to all who stay.


Our next blog post on GuestAdVantage™ will discuss how the vacationer can better organize and plan their vacation once it is booked through the exclusive GuestAdVantage™ toolset.


For more information, visit our GuestAdVantage Web Pages or call Visual Data Systems at 410-964-8665 ex: 210.