Well, the whole group has gotten together online in your GuestAdVantage™ member portal, decided on, and booked their next vacation. All is good, right? They have nothing else to do – just show up at check-in time and start having fun!

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If planning where to go and where to stay is hard work, the next step of organizing the vacation (especially for family reunions or larger groups) has got to be the really hard work. Imagine organizing who is bringing the beach chairs, the linens, a cooking schedule, or where they are going to eat for 6, 8, 12 or more people for a weekend. This really requires some serious skill and communication. I am sure your guests do not want to show up and realize no one brought towels or some other essential item and have to make a shopping run on the first day of their vacation.


GuestAdVantage™ provides your guests with the tools to make the organization of a successful vacation easier, relieving stress and making for happier vacationers.


The entire associated traveling group can share organizational tasks with:

  • Group To-dos: vacation related tasks can be associated with their vacation such as booking tee times, making dinner reservations, planning day trips, and even who is in charge of meals. Tasks can be assigned to individuals, completed, and/or modified.
  • Group Calendar: the party can plan the entire vacation itinerary on an easy-to-use and intuitive calendar. At a glance, vacationers can see what they are doing each and every day of their vacation, make notes, and even color code events to certain people.
  • To-Do List: Customizable for each vacation rental manager – the to-do list allows vacationers to easily access all the pertinent things they need to remember to do before and during their vacation.
  • Messaging – the group can send each other messages inside the secure GuestAdVantage™ portal to those associated with their vacation and easily communicate vacation plans.

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