Each and every week, vacation rental managers see families, groups, and couples check-in and check-out of their properties. Sometimes we sit there and and think, “I am glad I didn’t have to get all those people in a car and drive 12 hours to the beach or ski resort with all the stuff that people bring on vacation!”


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But do we ever think beyond the, “I’m glad it’s not me” phase?  Do we think about how much planning must go into planning a family reunion of 12 people or a group vacation? Imagine getting four sets of adults to not only decide on a vacation location, but also a singular property to stay in!  Then, you have to plan what to do on the vacation; just deciding who is going to cook on what nights could be an ordeal.  This type of planning results in numerous phone calls, emails, and other communications. No wonder some people are cranky when they arrive on vacation – they need a vacation just from the planning.


What if you could make the vacation planning process easier for you customers? Would they feel more loyal? Would they be happier? Would their vacation be better?


We think so, and that is why GuestAdVantage™ has incorporated several tools within the guest portal to make vacation planning easier and fun. After all, that is what vacations are about, right?


Some of the tools within GuestAdVantage™ for vacation planning are:


1.     The ability to include other people in the process: vacationers can invite of members of the traveling party to join and participate.

2.     Save shopping carts as a named vacation with group comments.

3.     Secure messaging: members associated with a saved vacation (booked or unbooked) can comment of the properties.

4.     Group planning: Members can share a vacation calendar, assign and complete tasks and check-off their to-do list.

5.     Members can download and print exclusive coupons to make their vacation easier and less expensive.


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Each of these tools individually will make your clients’ vacation planning easier, but in conjunction will also transform how the guest interacts with you, it will keep your brand in front of them, and make the process of booking a vacation more enjoyable.  In the future posts, we will discuss the individual components of the vacation planning tools.


For more information, visit our GuestAdVantage Web Pages or call Visual Data Systems at 410-964-8665 ex: 210.